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FNF Ben’s Adventure

FNF Ben’s Adventure is an emotional musical showdown. There are two weeks in the mod, one song per week. Trouble will have to be solved in the process of performing the tracks. First, Boyfriend will encounter a prototype lover from the future. The train station is the optimal location for the outraged dialogue. The angry Girlfriend causes a scandal, throws accusations, and receives unpleasant confessions in return. With tears and tantrums she continues to sing on, feeling more frustration than anger.

The second week in Ben’s Adventure FNF will start out even worse: the villainous HighJinx, known for his disgust with certain FNF personalities, will take two of the protagonist’s buddies hostage. To save them, Boyfriend must hit the beats of a special tune while in the fist of a huge rival. The user can barely see the character he is helping, only the back of his head peeking out. The clenched hand takes up a significant portion of the screen, but the cherished arrows are clearly displayed. Contemplating a dangerous situation makes you want to conform to the rhythm even more.