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FNF Fnaf Test

FNF Fnaf Test is a musical test of characters from a pizzeria where all sorts of horrors happen at night. Five Nights at Freddy’s fans will be able to interact with their favorite characters. The role of the protagonist is Crying Child, known for his constant crying mood. Also we will have to study the opponents:
• Freddy Fazbear is a symbol of the Fnaf series, the most important animatronic;
• Golden Freddy is a shallow and mysterious character;
• Funtime Freddy is a pink bear with an entertaining mission;
• Ennard is an evil creature made from parts of other broken animatronics;
• Springtrap is the most tired, damaged antagonist.

The user can switch between the suggested personalities, clicking on the arrows to the rhythm of the off-camera melodies. Some characters are frightening in appearance, others seem harmless. But you can only trust a boy who is used to crying nonstop. FNF Fnaf Test allows you to learn many iconic opponents to further competently fight back in musical competitions.