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FNF Goodbye World

FNF Goodbye World is Boyfrend’s musical farewell to life and his beloved. The protagonist lies murdered, with Girlfriend leaning over his wounded body, not ready to believe in the sad outcome of the relationship. Apparently Daddy Dearest has decided not to continue the ordeal: Boyfrend has handled it too successfully. Behind the weeping girl’s back floats the confused soul of the deceased. There is no way to communicate or find a way to comfort her. The only thing left is to watch the sad scene, singing a slow, sad song, not at all like rap.

Among the rest of the mod stands out for its lack of a story mode. There is free gameplay with grim undertones. There are no rights to influence the scenario. Girlfriend does not notice the singing spirit, does not respond to the voiceover tune. You have to solo, with no hope of your opponent’s participation. In FNF Goodbye World, the soul of the murdered man agonizes, unsuccessfully striving to reach for the girl leaning over the body. Then there is calm and disappearance.