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FNF: The Blueballs Incident

FNF: The Blueballs Incident is a musical mission in which you must facilitate the return of the saddened Trollge to his familiar world. Boyfriend becomes a Blueballs agent, tasked with the task of preventing the risks posed by Trollge entering human space. The story begins with a monologue about the lost man’s dreams and his sadness upon awakening. The musings are interrupted by an agent who challenges the stranger to a duel. A microphone with an anti-troll protein will be an extra protection, but will not save you if you have poor control over the rhythm of the tunes.

Works reflecting sadness, rage and other negative emotions will help to better understand the perception of the opposing performer. In between songs there will be brief dialogues asking Trollge to stop communicating. But in FNF: The Blueballs Incident the battle must continue, otherwise the completion of the mission will be in jeopardy. Negotiate with the troll is not difficult, he will take any action to get away from him. Boyfriend must take advantage of his opponent’s condition.