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FNF: The Date Week

FNF: The Date Week is a romantic musical competition between Whitty and his beloved Carol. The characters sing each of the three songs in a separate cafe, late at night. The first quiet track is performed in a bedroom community of the city, no one extra is in the frame, the light in the windows of the high-rises is turned off. Then the couple is relaxing in a more crowded place. People from the FNF periodically appear near the terrace of the restaurant, they go about their business and do not focus their attention on the two lovers.

An institution in the park is chosen to continue the date. The user helps Whitty maintain a rhythm. Before the third track, a warning appears on the screen that a happy ending is impossible without additional effort. Against a backdrop of nighttime lights and rides, performing the piece to a wind-up tune attracted young people passing by. At the finish line of FNF: The Date Week, the crowd dances to mischievous rhythms. Then Whitty and Carol especially enjoy the solitude, watching the moon rise over the sea surface.