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FNF vs Freddy Beatbox Mod

FNF vs Freddy Beatbox Mod – an opportunity to compete with an animatronic who is thinking about escaping from a pizzeria. One of the FNaF bears plans to start a music career, the competition with Boyfrend will allow the character to test the extent of his hidden talents and find out if there is a prospect of becoming popular. The beatboxing genre is particularly appealing, which will be chosen for the battle.

FNF vs Freddy Beatbox Mod was originally conceived by the developers as a humorous project. Its main task is to make the user smile. But the emotional component is not an argument for ignoring the rhythm of the proposed tunes. You’ll have to keep a close eye on the music and the arrows that move up the screen. Timely keystrokes will be the key to worthy oppositions in story modes and free gameplay. With intuitive instructions, a beginner will quickly figure out how to control the ward. In addition to the main adversary in the melodic battle you can see other heroes. Someone will surprise with a green masquerade outfit, the costume action will provide amusing entertainment.