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FNF vs Hayase Nagatoro

FNF vs Hayase Nagatoro is a musical battle with the main character of a popular manga. A high school student named Hayase Nagatoro is famous for her defiant character and systematic creation of annoying situations for a guy named Senpai. The sixteen year old girl is attracted to him, but shows her feelings only in the form of banter and hides the rest deep in her heart. The girl’s addiction to martial arts makes her a bit dangerous, especially considering her stubbornness and willfulness.

The battle will take place in one of the school corridors, a typical room that manga fans will recognize. Boyfriend will be surprised by the youngster’s behavior, but will try to calm her down while beating off rhythms to groovy tunes. Besides Hayase Nagatoro there will be a chance to meet other Japanese comic book heroes, the protagonist will not allow anyone to remain calm. Confrontation with an over-active teenager in FNF vs Hayase Nagatoro will require the user skill, composure, and the ability to stay in balance during force majeure.