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FNF vs Kenny Mod

FNF vs Kenny Mod – an arcade challenge in which you have to compete with the heroes of South Park in the performance of songs to modern tunes. Voice quality is not analyzed, but the ability to hit the rhythm comes in handy. Humble Kenny would be a serious competitor for Boyfriend, if he wanted to win the heart of Girlfriend. The ability to perform decently in rap battles proved to be his secret talent. When extra activity is needed, Mysterion gets the vocal role, he’s willing to sing even in the pouring rain.

The action takes place in Colorado against a backdrop of snow-covered nature. The local character is dressed for the weather, while the visiting couple ignores the peculiarities of the climatic conditions. The lack of warm clothing does not embarrass anyone and does not prevent Boyfriend from actively fighting with a microphone in his hand. When wind gusts and downpours appear in FNF vs Kenny Mod, the arrows in the upper screen area begin to wobble sideways. This makes it difficult for the user, making it difficult to coordinate at an accelerated pace.