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FNF vs Sunday Remastered Mod

FNF vs Sunday Remastered Mod is a heavy rock music mission. Boyfriend unintentionally woke up the lead singer of a band that works in a genre far removed from the character. The awkward silence was broken by Sunday’s request to replace her partner. The guy is unable to perform at tonight’s concert because of a severe fracture, and he does not want to adjust the program of works. Boyfriend willingly agreed and began to ask details about the upcoming action. The heroes went together to the garage to study the repertoire.

The player’s ward needs to prove that he is worthy to perform on stage as part of a popular rock band. The lead singer Sunday looks sleepy. The light opening part of the tune seems to lull her. Then at once the music becomes loud and harsh, the temporary band member has to get used to the atypical style of performance, discover new angles of his abilities. He works hard while Girlfriend rests and chats with another mate.