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Tails Gets Trolled

Tails Gets Trolled is an unconventional mod in which Boyfrend and Girlfriend are extremely aggressive. Tails, a harmless anthropomorphic fox, is walking peacefully through the woods when he is spotted by the most famous couple in FNF. The tired and disheveled beast with two tails becomes the object of cruel taunts, the post begins a brief musical duel. The expression on Boyfrend’s face is frankly distasteful: so much negative emotion he has never radiated before. Beloved observes the battle and smiles so fearfully that it makes you want to run away.

After winning the chapter with the first character, you can see poor Tails being trolled and humiliated by the winner of the fight. Fox goes to his best friend Sonic, complaining about what is happening. The blue hedgehog is unhappy with the weakness and malleability of the traitor. Sonic decides to take revenge and challenges the rapper. Perhaps the famous hero with the needles is the only one who looks adequate in Tails Gets Trolled. The player takes the side of the trolls, you can’t indulge your new opponent.