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FNF Granny Mod

FNF Granny Mod is a new challenge for the protagonist, who will have to fight with the famous granny from horror. Goodwill from an elderly woman should not be expected.
She appears before the player in a bloody shirt, with all her looks hinting at the prospects for a sad outcome if the proposed rhythm of the song is not observed.
The old woman stands in one place, but her tilts and regular changes in facial expressions add emotionality to the gameplay.

The gameplay offers:
• briefing;
• 3 difficulty levels to choose from;
• several short music tracks.

The user needs to click on the arrows that move from bottom to top, match the rhythm of the melody. At the bottom of the screen there is a scale showing the success of the parties in the confrontation.
Granny is initially feared, her reputation on other projects enough to create a tense environment. Thanks to the first-person view, from the first second there is a feeling that the old woman is ready to attack, she entered the room for this very purpose.