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FNF vs Trollface (Trollge)

FNF vs Trollface/Trollge is a fun musical challenge to fight a legendary meme who loves to troll everyone. Boyfriend is used to getting in trouble from various characters sent up by Girlfriend’s dad, but the appearance of a black and white face with a malevolent grin came as a surprise. A cultured knock on the door was the last ethical action of the opponent, who proceeded to behave predictably brazenly.

The battle begins without long dialogues, the competitors take their positions, and then the music plays. The abundance of repetitive notes makes it a little easier for the user. The mournful motifs, on the contrary, create an exasperating atmosphere, making you wait tensely for unpleasant surprises. The mood of the singing Trollface changes periodically, the sad Trollge will also appear and embarrass with strange singing. Meme legends will show wonders of flexibility and be downright intimidating. In FNF vs Trollface/Trollge it is important to concentrate on your main objectives and sing your part with confidence, clicking the arrows calmly and in cold blood.