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FNF vs Birdie Mod

FNF vs Birdie Mod is a musical confrontation between Cyborg and the spotted Birdie. The phrase from the Teen Titan Go meme has gained worldwide popularity. This is reason enough to create a funny mod with a robot that tries to over-sing the birdie. For the feathered creature, chanting is one of his favorite pastimes, as well as a rare opportunity to prevent a nasty chase. Although the style of music in the battle is more suited to a robot that has not previously participated in such adventures.

The user will help Cyborg catch the rhythm by pressing the arrows during the performance of his piece. The iron guy is used to solving problems by other methods, especially concerning the Birdie he accidentally sees. But the rules will have to be respected, because the chase for the birdie is not provided, everything is solved by the quality of hitting the proposed beats. In the gameplay of FNF vs Birdie Mod there is no complicated storyline, atypical for both characters behavior format becomes the main feature of the mod.