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FNF vs Ben Drowned Terrible Fate

FNF vs Ben Drowned Terrible Fate is a battle with a statue from another world. Another journey led Boyfrend to a very suspicious world where the hero encounters an obscure character who was sacrificed to a cult 20 years ago. Being a statue, the 12-year-old boy was fixed in age, but acquired a non-trivial appearance with elf ears, fanged teeth, and other strange elements.

When introduced to Boyfrend, it predictably came down to a musical battle. In the first part of the contest Ben Drowned surprised with a frightening laugh and an original voice, and then suddenly started drowning. The player’s charge rushed to the rescue of the drowning man, continuing to sing right under the water. The vocalists then returned to dry land and continued the entertainment in the now familiar setting. In FNF vs Ben Drowned Terrible Fate fashion, Girlfriend follows the first and last stages of the battle. In a different space the speakers are identical, you can sit comfortably on a large speaker and watch the events from a bit of a distance.