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FNF vs Uberkids: Unloaded

FNF vs Uberkids: Unloaded is a musical rap battle in which Pico will fight humanoids. The opposing characters are mentally and physically superior and have incredible stamina. But the heightened intellectual level does not give confidence in the successful outcome of any case. Uberkids are wary of taking risks, doubting the appropriateness of any games. The rap battle will be another test for those who find it difficult to direct their talents in the right direction.

Pico will try to take advantage of the uncertainty of opponents and win the contest under user control. Opponents like to come in groups and instantly replace each other in case of force majeure. The complete identity of the appearance of all antagonists adds to the comicality of the situation. The redheaded guy took solid support: girlfriend Nene and buddy Darnell. In FNF vs Uberkids: Unloaded, these heroes are ready to brutalize anyone who rushes to the aid of the opposing vocalist. Pico also brought weapons, because it’s more comfortable and pleasant to sing with powerful pistols in his hands.