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FNF B3 REMIXED Mod is a romantic arcade story in which a couple competes in singing songs. Girlfriend wakes up in the middle of the night, waking up her lover. She complains hysterically about hunger, recounting the lack of food in the refrigerator. Boyfriend is a little surprised, but after a couple of lines orders burgers. The prospect of a hearty snack is comforting, but the wait is annoying. To pass the time, Girlfriend offers to sing a few songs.

Adequate behavior at the start is replaced by fits of reincarnation, at the performance of the third piece the heroine puts on big bat wings. Afterwards, she begins to express other wishes for leisure time, but Boyfriend promptly gags her with a burger. This is only the first of six weeks offered in the FNF B3 REMIXED Mod, the other weeks contain shifting circumstances, forcing you to adapt to new confrontations. The variety of surprises will not allow you to relax. You need to prepare to sing in all conditions, to control the rhythm of the different tracks. Adjusting the gameplay difficulty will help you choose the desired style of play.