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FNF: Pico’s School

FNF: Pico’s School is an arcade project in which Boyfriend will watch Pico confront other Newgrounds heroes. Schizophrenia makes the blond guy anxious and carry a gun with him all the time. His opponents in music battles really don’t inspire confidence, carrying various sharp objects, sometimes stained with blood. Pico will take turns battling Nene, Piconjo and Alucard. The newcomer will be instructed by the experienced performer Boyfriend. He has been friends with the main personality of the current mod for a very long time and will not be embarrassed to concede his usual position.

The observing protagonist feels particularly uncomfortable when the evil Piconjo is soloing. It looks scary, the desire to hide behind the tape recorder fails due to the small size of the device. Then Boyfriend gets bolder, and feels confident when a third opponent appears. In FNF: Pico’s School the user has an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the rarity game, to remember the once popular characters. When the opponent changes, the environment and the background are adjusted.