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FNF Retaken Sanity

FNF Retaken Sanity is a continuation of the Starving Artist storyline. After losing consciousness, Rebecca has experienced many events. Goal-setting, worldview, and inner values will have to be fought for again. The initial first-person song involves the contemplation of only one character. A return to a conscious state will follow. The victim will find herself in a hospital bed, right after waking up she will be offered burgers, and the heroine will immediately start devouring them. Girlfriend will join in the meal, and the guys will have a little musical competition.

In addition to passing 7 tracks in two weeks the user will be able to explore the intricate storyline, to understand what Rebecca was thinking and worrying about. Further adventures will surprise with variety, but the desire to devour something delicious will pursue the heroine of FNF Retaken Sanity constantly. The vocal abilities of the characters with a demonic component are pleasantly impressive. You have to get ready for unexpected scenario twists and turns.