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FNF Atrocity: JellyBean vs The Skeletons

FNF Atrocity: JellyBean vs The Skeletons is a rhythm arcade game in which an adoring Minecraft blogger battles bony creatures. The opponents came to the fight as a team, they want to intimidate the underling player with a quantitative advantage. JellyBean has no support group, he will have to rely only on his own strength.

The gameplay includes a single song, but it is hard to pass. The Skeletons created the most uncomfortable conditions for the opponent, chose an upbeat tune and offered only the highest level of difficulty to pass it. The user needs to prepare for an active musical rhythm and short vocal parts. Practice mode in FNF Atrocity: JellyBean vs The Skeletons will allow you to practice, get used to the atmosphere. Opposing creatures try to distract the character with strange movements, periodic transformations into monuments and back again. If you do not get distracted by such maneuvers, you can defeat the enemy, worthy to cope with the challenge.