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FNF Entity

FNF Entity is a continuation of the story of the competition with Agoti. In addition to the previously familiar Internet demon Boyfriend will fight his brother Aldryx, a mysterious character born from a laser disc. Also appearing on stage will be the father of these demons, Solazar. The sons closely watch the performance of their most authoritative man. The fourth opponent will be the lonely Void Queen, who often suffers from melancholy. Her royal status has not helped her form friendships with anyone. But fits of depressed mood did not stop her from choosing a light and positive track.

There is a separate week for interaction with each adversary. Girlfriend invariably accompanies and supports the lover. The FNF Entity’s entry into other dimensions should not embarrass Boyfrend; during his busy career, the performer has had time to deal with larger force majeure situations. The lack of a storyline is compensated by entertaining melodies and the ability to rap to interesting music.