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FNF Maginage Matches

FNF Maginage Matches is a musical story about the beginnings of a Boyfriend and Girlfriend relationship. The events take place on the territory near the school, where the high school students live. Among the many girls Boy notices a pretty girl, who vividly interacts with her friend, discussing the purchase of a new game. Even then, Girl stood out against the background of peers, was very popular.

The mentee player came up with the idea of a musical confrontation in the presence of other teenagers. The performance is sure to attract and interest the heroine, the main thing is to perform with dignity. He did not know that in the future there would be many such stories, meetings with mystical, fantastic, cartoon characters. And in his high school days, he just wanted to be remembered from a bright, positive angle. To warm up in FNF Maginage Matches you can compete with a calm and proper guy, after it is easier to oppose the serious characters. On the final song you will have to compete with a young singer, a legend of the school.