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FNF vs Auditor: Gateway to Hell

FNF vs Auditor: Gateway to Hell is the story of an eerie musical adventure that resulted from defeating the demon Ex Tricky. Boyfrend and Girlfriend’s constant quest to change locations has led Boyfrend and Girlfriend to a strange space. While happily devouring an unknown drink, the monster Auditor took one look at the uninvited guests. The double kill was delayed by the microphone, which Boyfrend handed over with a clear hint. The probability of winning is extremely low, but the opportunity to stall should not be missed.

The frightened underling player unknowingly challenges the black entity with the burning eyes and halo. Refusing to duel is unseemly, puzzled by the disruption of the usual course of events Auditor agrees to a musical battle. Special effects make FNF vs Auditor: Gateway to Hell even more intimidating. Chains periodically appear on the screen, shifting arrows and forcing adaptations to dynamic conditions. The rhythm becomes more active with each song, which aggravates the characters that come in.