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FNF Wednesday’s Infidelity

FNF Wednesday’s Infidelity is a black-and-white story that starts out nostalgic for Disney cartoons. But the storyline literally throws the player into a world of troubled adult relationships. A sunny Wednesday morning for Mickey Mouse was overshadowed by the news of Minnie’s sympathy for an outside character. Contemplating her lover’s flirtation with a stranger caused a deep sadness to sink in. The sadness of the lonely walk was interrupted by an encounter with Boyfrend, who suggested the new acquaintance participate in a music battle. If the rap singer had imagined how angry the offended Mickey Mouse could be, he would have been less proactive.

The cartoon character, beloved from his childhood, loses his adequacy and cannot hide his mental disorder already on the first song. Aggression and bloodthirstiness are accompanied by threats: the opponent constantly waves a big syringe. Black-and-white style of FNF Wednesday’s Infidelity makes it difficult to orient in the arrows, they are all the same shade. A scary face can appear in the middle of the track, obscuring everything on the screen.