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Super Friday Night Funki

Super Friday Night Funki is a light version of the musical arcade with no opponents and complex plot twists. The user is offered the passage of 6 songs with a gradual increase in tempo. Characters will change, the story begins with the inimitable Girlfriend and easy mode. Complicated missions will appear later, unlocking them will require completing simple challenges. A measured melody provides a slow upward motion of the arrows. A voice-over tells you which buttons to click. It sounds like a briefing, preparing the player for more fancy tasks.

The second level star is Boyfrend. The music is already a little more active, the cues about the approach of the arrows to their position are removed. Further appear other heroes, tasks with their participation will require more dexterity. The scale in the center of the screen helps to understand how successful the mission at a particular moment. The path to the hard levels in Super Friday Night Funki is relatively close, you just need to prove that on simple tracks everything goes without a hitch.