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FNF Sky Full Week

FNF Sky Full Week is the story of a Boyfrend fan who is ready to demonstrate the madness of love. The cute girl will oppose in the next battle with great enthusiasm. She admires the opportunity to be near the best guy in the world and believes that there will be no more obstacles in the way of their relationship. Girlfriend’s presence is completely ignored by the groupie.

The second track contains echoes of misunderstanding of the situation, for unknown reasons Boyfrend categorically refused to be with Sky. In the dialogue after the song, he dared to repeat the unwavering position. The fan’s eyes turned red, the characters moved into an unknown dark space, and Girlfriend found herself crucified. In an unenviable position, she manages to communicate with her rival. The lover quickly interrupts the conversation: he is convinced that the conflict can only be resolved musically. The third song in FNF Sky Full Week is dark and harsh. Its passage is mandatory to get rid of the crazy heroine, claiming to own the idol at any cost.