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FNF Tricky Test

FNF Tricky Test is a project to study a zombified clown who managed to keep his mind clear after being turned into the walking dead. The character will appeal to fans of horror styling. The demon’s body takes on fanciful, intimidating shapes, and his voice is downright frightening in some states. Clicking on the face icon allows you to switch between states. There is also the use of keys 1-4 to switch briefly to a particular appearance. One scene features a bound Girlfriend watching the vocal experiments of a heavy music fan.

The legend of the hero of the mod partially explains Tricky’s demeanor. In the distant past he was a hitman, then found himself killed and resurrected. There was zombification, but without brain damage or thought processes. Thanks to the new role it was possible to reveal the inner world and demonstrate its horrors. FNF Tricky Test gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the habits of the scary creature, making sounds under the control of the user.