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FNF Cuphead Mod

FNF Cuphead Mod – one of the popular mods, in which fans of the games mixed the ideas of the musical arcade Friday Night Funkin and the Cuphead runner. A character with a cup-shaped head will confront Devil, seeking to win his battle to the melodies with an active rhythm. The user is able to help by clicking on the arrows, perfectly hitting the music at specific moments.

Skinny and tall Devil is used to fight in a different way, to be sharp and brutal. Combining genres of gameplay obliges to use non-standard algorithms and play different sounds, taking into account the bits of voice-over music. The opponent similarly tries to fight with a microphone. FNF Cuphead Mod offers players an adventure with the risk of a quick death of the protagonist. After a series of passes, all that remains of Cuphead is a skeleton and brains twisted into the word Retry. One must concentrate to minimize the likelihood of such a denouement, taking turns to win short battles.