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FNF vs Corrupted Twilight Sparkle Mod

FNF vs Corrupted Twilight Sparkle Mod is a musical arcade with a unicorn pony consumed by an evil entity. Boyfriend will try to save the positive character with a non-trivial method: a rap contest. Only one song is provided in the mod. The backstory recounts the sad mood of Twilight Sparkle, the protagonist’s attempts to communicate with the ponies. The vast experience of communicating with creatures of different species and formats should have helped to establish contact, but in this particular case, the problem was too large-scale.

Suddenly, something dark and thick flowed onto the lilac unicorn from above. Boyfrend got a little frightened, but did not cancel the planned contest. The opposing creature makes strange noises, hitting the beat of the off-camera tune. The user needs to help Boyfrend perform decently in order to gain the opportunity to free the Princess. At a certain point, backup will appear. To complete the performance of the track in FNF vs Corrupted Twilight Sparkle Mod will have to be supported by other characters from the animated series.