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FNF Undertale

FNF Undertale is an original musical challenge in which Boyfrend descends into a dungeon and battles members of another game world. Flowey, Asriel and Sans are already ready to go up against a new character in their space. Cardinal change of location entails more complicated rules. In addition to hitting the rhythms of the proposed melody, the user must keep track of the heart-shaped figure that represents the soul of the ward.

Periodically malicious rays will appear on the screen, it is important that they do not hit the heart. Before the gameplay starts, there is a brief briefing on how to move the valuable soul element. The extra task does not entitle you to ignore the basic duties. Rap battles with monsters exclude the possibility of relaxation, the performance of works in a calm atmosphere. Encountering opponents involves the danger of losing your life. Facing Boyfrend’s personal fears seems a trifle against the background of other troubles. In FNF Undertale, the player will need the quintessence of courage and attentiveness.