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FNF Sonic Below The Depths Mod

FNF Sonic Below The Depths Mod is a musical challenge in which you have to help save a hedgehog named Sonic. The story is silent about the reasons why the famous character got to the bottom of a deep body of water. You can only see that the animal was strongly wanted to drown: a metal chain with a huge weight is attached to the bottom paw, because of which the victim is not able to swim out.

The sad circumstances of the situation in the game FNF Sonic Below The Depths Mod the user can mitigate if he focuses, shows participation. On the horizontally placed screen, the arrows are floating up. It is necessary to click on the appropriate buttons to the rhythm of the voice-over tune when the arrows reach the area above. Sonic will actively move, trying to get free of the load. The number of successful clicks is recorded by a counter. The number of gaps is also displayed. If several gaps in a row are allowed – information about the loss will be displayed. The tempo of clicks varies, but the overall difficulty level can be chosen based on skill and mood.