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FNF Artistic Altitude

FNF Artistic Altitude is a musical competition with a guitarist seeking career stability. Tossler adored playing guitar, but his talent went unnoticed. When he decided to part ways with his girlfriend Indy, the latter breathed a sigh of relief: she was tired of the constant drumming on the strings. Upset by the revelation, the guy went to play on the street for passersby. Later, he was offered to participate in a rock band. Another set of force majeure put his career prospects in doubt. The only chance for the guitarist to solve the difficulties was to compete with Boyfrend before the eyes of the public.

The player’s mentee accepts the challenge. The first week of FNF Artistic Altitude is devoted to a battle in which one player plays a tune and the other sings, following the suggested rhythm. After enjoying the guitar music to the fullest, you can move on to another challenge. Suddenly, Indy appears on stage. It turns out that the indifference at the moment of rupture was faked. It remains to be seen whose side she’s on, with whom she’s going to compete.