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FNF Agoti Test

FNF Agoti Test is another music arcade mod that offers interaction with a virtual space demon. Instead of vocal cords, the guy uses sonic chips, which got stuck in his throat when he accidentally ate machinery. The character was at a young age at the time and did not analyze the risks and consequences of actions. Due to a congenital lack of vocal cords, the prospect of lifelong dumbness was forming. But the unpleasant incident of ingesting an inedible object allowed Agoti to regain his voice and learn to speak and sing.

Clear displays of artificial sound give the hero extra charm. He behaves in a balanced way, although he can show anger if the user finds a secret key combination. For FNF Agoti Test, all kinds of animations of the internet guy are collected in one gameplay. The role of the heart in the character’s body is performed by a cassette, maybe that’s why he experiences a different range of feelings, shows atypical reactions.