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FNF Tail’s Halloween

FNF Tail’s Halloween is a colorful mod based on the cartoon of the same name. Tail’s good little fox was taking an evening stroll and got a little scared when something stirred in the bushes nearby. A dead bird in the road was another cause for excitement. Next came Sonic. exe and the first round of the music battle began. Successful completion of it gives the fox the right to throw a cross at his opponent’s eye. The blue rascal will fall for a few seconds and lose a lot of blood, but then recover and meet the snide Knuckles.

The urge to smash everything is inhibited by the suggestion to take the microphone and participate in another competition. The arrows run up the screen faster, you have to concentrate to prevent the enemy from winning. After the end of the tune you can have an explosion, but Sonic. exe will still survive, and then fight the iron monster Death Egg Robot in the last fight of FNF Tail’s Halloween. The damage to the visual organ of the cross remains with the anthropomorphic hedgehog until the end of the gameplay, you will not be able to get the foreign object.