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FNF vs Cyber Sensation Mod

FNF vs Cyber Sensation Mod is the story of the experiments of programmer Tae Yai, who tried to get the characters from the famous game. After working hard, the girl finally saw Boyfriend in front of her. She tried to bring the character back to the game world, but in vain. The cartoon rapper persisted in offering the heroine a battle, even throwing a microphone at her. Tae Yai needed a pause for further productivity; switching her attention to music proved relevant.

Boyfriend will be singing; it’s worth getting ready to click the arrows from the first seconds. The programmer is self-critical, considering her vocal skills too weak to oppose a cartoon celebrity. The offer to sing another song surprised the girl. If she loses, after a little tantrum, the game space in the FNF vs Cyber Sensation Mod will be destroyed. Then, at the user’s request, everything will be restored. The character will find out about Girlfriend’s cheating, will be greatly outraged, will challenge the computer code lover to a third musical duel.