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FNF Garcello Test

FNF Garcello Test is a curious mod for getting to know the movement and singing styles of the famous smoker. The man has one hand in his pocket, and the other is busy with a cigarette, so it is not convenient for him to use a microphone. However, the hoarse voice sounds clear even without the use of an electroacoustic device. Exhalations with extracted sounds are accompanied by puffs of smoke, which overflow the character’s lungs. Smoking has become a constant minute-by-minute necessity.

According to the legend, Garcello has a headache when he is normal. If he is very nervous, drops of sweat appear on his face. The release from the bad habit is provided after death, then the character becomes like a ghost, and the butt is lying around for nothing. After liberation, the character often coughs. The lying cigarette gradually fades, and the ghost’s well-being improves. He smiles, though it’s hard to find reasons to be jealous given the stages you’ve passed. In the FNF Garcello Test you can explore all four transformations of the character.