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FNF vs Ace Mod

FNF vs Ace Mod is a fun musical arcade, displaying an opportunity to pass the time while waiting for the bus. At the bus stop Boyfrend meets a dragon made of snow. The cute creature notifies him to wait a few minutes for the bus. The offer to sing in the contest before the transport arrives is immediately accepted. Other characters in the fantasy space quietly observe the battle, Girlfriend is also present. The winter atmosphere motivates the introduction of appropriate special effects: the brief freeze-up does not harm Boyfrend, but gives a reason to focus.

The mod impresses with its lack of danger, Ace’s new acquaintance really has no hidden interests and is just having fun. In the finale you can even get an apology for the sudden freeze. The developers added a rare option to change the appearance of Boyfrend. The user himself determines how his ward should look. FNF vs Ace Mod has two sets of songs, thanks to which boredom at the bus stop is eliminated.