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FNF Luca Test

FNF Luca Test is a colorful musical battle that involves opposition to the famous Disney character. This is a sea monster that raises fish in an ocean reserve. Since childhood, it loves to meet people and be interested in their activities in order to find new hobbies for itself. Fans of the Friday Night Funkin’ project have been asking for the opportunity to play with this particular hero for a long time, now this format is available in test mode.

Pressing the arrows makes certain sounds form, while observing the pressing order, you can play the whole melody. Among other musicians, Luka is distinguished by the activity of movements, the songs are accompanied by boring dances. Hero modifications are possible by clicking on a special button. In addition to appearance, the situation is also subject to correction. Lonely chants are sometimes replaced by fun against the background of bound hostages. Among the victims are the girl, for whom the confrontation was started, and her lover. Additional personalities are allowed.