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FNF Monika Test

FNF Monika Test is a mod for studying the DDLC heroine’s musical habits and observing her interaction with Senpai. You can analyze the five states of the beauty, and additionally switch scenes with the A, C, D keys. In addition to single singing and fighting for a microphone with a partner, a test of broken gameplay is offered. Monika sits at a table, but the image distorts as each sound is played, creating an illusory sense of bug. Boyfrend and Girlfriend appear when the screen is heavily disturbed, making it difficult to concentrate on the main task.

The main character of the mod likes to show her discontent, looking good-natured only in the first scene. The user can click on the arrows and observe her performance style in the FNF Monika Test. The behavior of Senpai’s companion also deserves close attention. He has to endure a lot to be around. It is difficult for the characters to establish communication due to their lack of willingness to give in, to sacrifice immediate interests.