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FNF Flippy Test 2

FNF Flippy Test 2 is one way to test the musical skills of the green skinned bear. Fans of the Happy Tree Friends project will immediately recognize the iconic character from the black humor-filled series. Among the other test mods stands out with a relatively large amount of content. The player is offered as many as five states of Flippy and the ability to switch between three scenes at each of them. The bear can look like a goody-goody or a cruel villain, holding someone’s head or a bloody knife in his paw. A performance after a nuclear explosion is also provided.

The multifaceted emotions and characteristic movements while singing fill FNF Flippy Test 2 with the atmosphere of a movie about forest friends. In one scene Boyfrend appears, who literally falls against the dark background, realizing the creepy intentions of his opponent. Careful study of the character will allow you to oppose him decently in other mods, choose competent tactics in the musical arcade and not be distracted by frightening actions, when it is important to keep the rhythm.