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FNF vs Sonic CD (vs Metal Sonic)

FNF vs Sonic CD (vs Metal Sonic) is another version of the fun arcade game in which Boyfriend and Sonic the Hedgehog will confront the egregious villain Metal Sonic. For the main character the support of the famous hedgehog is very appropriate, musical struggle with a metal foe quickly depletes the strength. Therefore, relevant is the opportunity to rest, to stand behind Sonic, who has his own score with a long-time foe. In addition to the culprit Girlfriend, the evil Doctor Eggman is visible in the background. He soars through the air on a fancy flying machine, keeping a close eye on his ward’s progress.

The developers offer story and free-play modes. Melodies change, which eliminates the emergence of boredom. The user to win in FNF vs Sonic CD (vs Metal Sonic) must focus on clicking on the arrows when they reach certain positions on the screen. A few misses result in a loss, attentiveness and timeliness will be the best companions for passing the non-trivial gameplay.