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FNF vs Isaac Mod

FNF vs Isaac Mod is a musical battle with the protagonist of an action-adventure about a child sacrifice. Surrounding the five-year-old boy are Boyfrend and his irreplaceable lover. For Girlfriend prepared the standard role of the observer, but the style of behavior of the famous rap artist the user must choose. Positive or negative intentions will dramatically affect the storyline.

Under any circumstances Isaac will be distrustful of new acquaintances: he would like friendship and comfort, but in his short life the child has had time to meet many scoundrels. Memories of monsters, harmful insects and a mother who seeks to kill her own child give no reason to relax and show trust. In FNF vs Isaac Mod the contest predictably takes place in a basement room. The depressed mood of the opponent is also understandable. Helping him or making things worse is an individual decision, leading to different sets of consequences.