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FNF vs GhostTwins Mod

FNF vs GhostTwins Mod is a mysterious musical arcade game in which you have to fight two ghosts, learn their history and try to help them. Girlfriend has invited her lover to enter an abandoned opera house where a relative once taught. Upon entering, Boyfriend was warned of the possible presence of ghosts in the room. His disbelief caused him to laugh and loudly challenge those who inhabit there to a duel. After a brief silence, strange voices were heard. It was a brother and sister, shut in here for a very long time.

Tanner and Marie willingly agreed to play, and in between singing about events that had happened in the past. The heroes who entered the opera would like to contribute to the correction of the situation, but to understand the chain of adventures and consequences it is necessary to listen to the narration. This is possible in FNF vs GhostTwins Mod only after successful performance of songs in all rounds. Now it’s up to the user to see if the ghosts can solve the difficult problem. The main thing is to get Boyfriend into the rhythm, not to allow frequent omissions.