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FNF Shaggy Test

FNF Shaggy Test is an exploration of the vocal abilities of Scooby-Doo the dog’s faithful friend. The man works as a detective, investigates tangled stories and has many talents that help get out of difficult situations. To the surprise of many fans Shaggy sings quite well and manages to dance to the beat. The adored dog will not appear in a particular mod, but the ability to analyze the character’s behavior in different states will be of interest to fans of the animated series and FNF gameplay.

On the left side of the screen, there is an icon of the character’s face. By clicking on it, you can switch Shaggy’s sense of self. At first the user is offered the control of a calm guy. Then there is a switch to the mode of excitement and anxiety, the body of the mentee visibly shakes. The most spectacular of all looks the hero in free fall, as if hanging in space. The arrows in FNF Shaggy Test, according to the usual algorithm, are responsible for playing the sound and, optionally, performing movements to the beat.