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FNF Ruv Test

The FNF Ruv Test is a musical test of a fugitive criminal. Little information is known about him; his reputation obliges him to keep secrets and share as little as possible about himself. Back in the day, the guy had a rough childhood. Ruv strived for justice, and then realized that those in power violate laws with impunity. An unpleasant discovery motivated the young hero to change for the worse, to plan scenarios for the destruction of various villains. Aggravated crimes became part of his biography.

A chance encounter with the nun Sarvente allowed to calm down and return to a measured rhythm, as much as possible after the atrocities committed. The protagonist of FNF Ruv Test is known for a powerful voice that makes the walls of buildings shake. Pressing the arrows is accompanied by a sharp sound, similar to a bang, or a gunshot. Subconscious caution has forced Ruv to sharpen his reflexes, to reduce the risk of coming into contact with someone alien. Thanks to a deal with representatives of the otherworlds the character is able to live forever.