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FNF vs Oswald Mod

FNF vs Oswald Mod is a song confrontation with the famous Disney rabbit Oswald. At the start of the stage after the character did not say his name, Boyfriend and Girlfriend unsuccessfully tried to guess it, thus unintentionally offending him. When Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was called Mickey Mouse he got very angry and shouted out who he was. The turned on music quickly defused the situation, and the big-eared hero began to sing enthusiastically, periodically supplementing his vocals with choreography.

The second round in the FNF vs Oswald Mod, in addition to the new track, will bring a nasty surprise for the rabbit. Instead of Boyfriend, Spinel from Steven Universe will fight him. The heroine was glimpsed at the start, when the hero could not be recognized. Disappointment was replaced by anger when they had to face her in reality. The outcome of the struggle of the cartoon generations depends on the user, who follows the rhythm, clicks the arrows, determines the level of capabilities of one side.