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FNF Hazy River vs Garcello & Annie

FNF Hazy River vs Garcello & Annie is an opportunity to participate in a rap battle with legendary FNF heroes. Garcello the smoker will offer Boyfriend a cigarette, and will be very surprised at the young man’s refusal. Persuasions and remarks about the coolness of using tobacco products did not work, so the man gives an alternative idea – a rap battle, the outcome of which will decide the priority of opinions.

The opponent does not stop smoking even during the performance of the songs. After finishing the first tune, breathing problems and chest discomfort are felt. Now Boyfriend insists on continuing the contest. The tired man is nervous, but agrees. By the end of the second track Garcello feels lousy. With his spirit released, the final round is to be played. The FNF Hazy River vs Garcello & Annie mod offers a few more weeks of entertainment, including a smoker’s girlfriend who is constantly drinking a strange liquid from a trademark vessel with silver elements.