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FNF vs Xe Mod

FNF vs Xe Mod is a musical battle between the indefatigable Boyfriend and various heroes who adore the style of the 80s. Spectacular beats from the past will allow you to look at the gameplay from a new angle. The mod offers a confrontation with unusual animals, among which you will find singing vampires, and Daddy Dearest, tirelessly coming up with tests for the guy. The outfits of the opponents are styled in the same time, while Boyfriend didn’t bother and came in casual clothes. His sweetheart traditionally sits on the speakers in her trademark red dress, enjoying watching the proceedings.

The user in FNF vs Xe Mod must click on the keys corresponding to the arrows flying from below. It is important to click at specific moments when the arrow reaches its form in the upper area of the screen. Accurate hits bring points and allow you to continue the battle, misses lead to a quick loss. The lower scale shows the success of your efforts.