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FNF vs Mokey Mod

FNF vs Mokey Mod is a cool modification of the musical arcade, in which you will have to fight the heroes of popular comic books. The fat-faced Mockey Mouse is a poorly drawn clone of the famous Disney mouse. The character is characterized by cruel jokes and strange exclamations. In a confrontation with Boyfrend, the meme hero will demonstrate an unconventional take on tunes. By the end of the first song, screams that make your eyes come out of their orbits will be commonplace. The mimicry of the unstable creature will remind you of funny cartoon clips.

Multicolored arrows according to the standard algorithm will float up the screen. The user will be surprised only by their number and the suddenness of their appearance. It is necessary to prepare for an active rhythm to minimize misses in FNF vs Mokey Mod, defeat the cheeky cheerful opponent. The version contains Christmas elements, but echoes of the holiday complicate the task. The motifs of winter masquerades put you in a special mood, staying in which it’s easy to distract from Mockey Mouse and his crazy buddies.