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FNF Testground

FNF Testground is an opportunity to test the main opponents of Boyfrend, to learn the peculiarities of their behavior. Each seeks to prove himself, to show the scale of talents and abilities in the rhythmic competition. The user will study them without haste, explore the hidden characteristics of the proposed heroes. Among the performers appear familiar to the fans of the project personalities:
• Agoti screen daemon;
• good-natured guy Shaggy from the cartoon Scooby-Doo
• an avid Garcello smoker;
• a demonic creature from the Tricky dungeon known for its variety of moods;
• Japanese singer Miku and other individuals.

On the left side of the screen there are icons with the faces of the characters. You have to choose someone, and start forming a piece of music, complementing the off-camera melody with the sounds of the specific voice of the specified vocalist. FNF Testground offers the user a large-scale platform to work with a large list of characters. Rhythms are created as standard with arrows. Wards can show their harm, but will not dare to disobey.