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FNF Girlfriend Test

FNF Girlfriend Test is a musical arcade game in which a girl loved by gamers will sing. For the sake of the opportunity to be with her, the young man participated in battles with various characters. The number of opponents is growing as inspiration arises for many developers. The young lady silently watched the clashes, periodically completely absent from the frame. It’s time to demonstrate your talents, humming curious motives in different guises.

What the heroine has to sing depends on the user who controls, by clicking on the keys, indicates the desired sounds. In addition to the random selection of musical tones, you can concentrate on specific melodies, compete with your loved one. When choosing the appearance of a beauty, the mood of the story changes dramatically: among the 10 styles there are calm, romantic, extreme, dangerous. Not everyone dares to oppose a girl who boldly holds a bloody knife in her hand. The gameplay promises a versatility of emotions combined with a familiar algorithm of actions.